Abrasion Attack

When any solid particles are moved they cause damage The attack - abrasion - can lead to equipment failure and costly downtime. The replacement of that equipment is expensive and the problem is not solved.

Harry Warren Construction use the latest highly cross-linked polymer materials to combat the effects of abrasion and impact. The service is offered as a supply and fix contract for either on-site or off-site application. We can also fabricate or reverse engineer some specialist equipment with the abrasion protection in place.

In-Situ Repair Of Pulverized Coal Shute

Essentially used in chutes, hoppers and pipework, these materials have no limitations on areas of application; from the large surface to the intricate configuration. The major benefit of the systems is that they are applied at a thickness of only 6mm. This compares with conventional systems, which can be up to 50mm and unsuitable for congested areas. The cost effectiveness of the systems is that they offer better resistance than conventional alternatives - meaning greater time between inspection and service.

Abrasion Damaged Coal Spinner

Many companies from a wide range of industries, including power generation, petrochemical, water utilities, food processing and quarrying, are now saving valuable time and money following the application of conventional repairs systems and subsequent enhancement through the use of abrasion systems supplied by Harry Warren Construction.

Ceramic Carbide Repair Of Coal Spinner

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