Concrete Repair

Harry Warren Construction can tackle any problem associated with the repair, refurbishment or replacement of damaged concrete. Floors, walls, steps or any part of a building structure which has detoriated or has been damaged, can be repaired using the latest high performance repair materials. These materials offer greater impact and wear resistance, as well as the ability to be ready for foot and vehicular traffic in hours.

Fully Repaired Concrete Steps

Heavily Damaged Concrete Steps

Harry Warren Construction offer the full supply and fix package for concrete repairs, including cleaning and surface preparation. From large floor screeding projects to ornate architectural features, we can service all needs. Our systems often take up the challenge when conventional materials fail. We have horizontal and vertically applied systems with in-built chemical resistance up to 90% sulphuric acid.

Whatever the situation, the survey service we offer would be the first step in solving your concrete problems.

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