Harry Warren Construction offer a complete service package for the repair and refurbishment of all types of pumping equipment. Split casing, end suction, multi-stage, vacuum and many other types of fluid flow equipment benefit from the service we offer.

The major benefit of our service is that we offer the service as both an on-site operation and with the backing of full workshop facilities. The capability to do repairs and coatings in-situ can mean vast savings in time and money. The complete package includes surface preparation, application and associated fitting work. This means Harry Warren Construction can truly be described as the "One Stop Shop" for all of your pump requirements.

Repaired Pump

Repaired Impeller

In brief, we offer:

  • Efficiency enhancement systems that offer excellent cost savings in a minimal payback time
  • Protection from erosion / corrosion, cavitation and chemical attack.
  • The ability to rebuild and reform casings, end covers, impellers, bush and bearing housings and many other problems associated with fluid flow equipment.
  • A free survey and report service - the first step in ensuring your vital equipment gets the attention it requires.


As pumps are a particular speciality of ours - we have created a case study of a pump repair for you to peruse - 72” Power Station Cooling Water Pump Repair.


For more information contact HWC.