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West Burton Main Cooling Water Pumps


This picture shows the size of the delivery pipes of the Allen Gwynnes cooling pumps. For an idea of scale, a group of 45 gallon oil drums can be seen to the left of the image (click to expand). These pumps are capable of delivering a staggering 120,000 gallons of cooling water per minute (9,096 litres per second).

Cooling Water Pump Outlet Pipes

Featured left is an eroded section of the main pump wear ring. This has been systematically steam cleaned and grit-blasted to remove the river salts. The lower pictures shows a completed application of Belzona 1111 (Supermetal).   


Part Section Of Pump Wear Ring


Part Section Of Pump Wear Ring

Pump Low-Pressure / Suction Side Prior to Coating

Complete Section Of Pump Wear Ring

After Blasting And Coating With 1341














Featured in the photo below left is the pump cutwater which has been part blasted and steam cleaned, now revealing the river salts which are the black areas in the casting. Subsequently these will be removed by further steam cleaning and blasting until the casing is to a SA2.5 Swedish Standard of cleanliness, with a least a 75-micron profile before coating with two coats of Belzona 1341 (Supermetalglide) as shown below centre and below right.

Cooling Water Pump “Cutwater”

First Coat of 1341 (in Grey)

Second Coat of 1341 (In Blue)

Main Delivery Pipe Prior To Treatment

Main Delivery Pipe After Application Of 1341.









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