Surface Preparation

Harry Warren Construction have the facilities to perform on-site and off-site surface preparation, which includes steam cleaning, water jetting, grit blasting, needle gunning, and grinding.

The preparation for most coatings requires a surface finish of Swedish standard Sa2.5 (near white metal finish) with a profile of 75 microns. This ensures the best possible adhesion between coating and substrate. Harry Warren Construction strive to attain this standard at all times.

Grinding Concrete Using Diamond-Tipped Wheel

Grit Blasting

Preparation of oil-storage bunds generally requires contaminated areas to be steam cleaned, and the waste water to be removed by suction tanker and disposed of at licensed water depots.

Areas will be either prepared by grit blasting, needle gunning or grinding with diamond tipped disks, in readiness for repairs to bund structure. Coatings are then applied to customer specifications.

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